The MOEW Regional Structures are Organizing Clean-ups of Polluted Areas under the Slogan “Let’s Put an End to Pollution”

22 Mar, 2023 | 16:00


Teams from the regional structures of the Ministry of Environment and Water - the Executive Agency for Environment (EIA), the Regional Inspections for the Environment and Water (RIEWs), the Basin Directorates (BDs), and the Directorates of National Parks (DNPs) will clean up waste-polluted areas.

The activities are organized according to an announced schedule, and anyone who wants to contribute voluntary work to the efforts by the employees of the MOEW can join the groups. The aim is to attract supporters for the cause by personal example, namely through the people who are responsible for the implementation of the legal provisions for environmental protection.

The initiative is part of the MOEW campaign under the slogan “Let’s put an end to pollution”, which was launched by the leadership of the ministry last month. Locally, all RIEWs held meetings with mayors to take strict measures in fulfillment of the obligations for the local authorities under the Waste Management Act. The municipal authorities and the directors of the Regional Road Administrations also indicated the sections that are most often recognized as “sites” for waste disposal. 420 contaminated sites have been identified. Actions must be taken to remove them by March 31st, and from April 1st, the RISEWs will begin inspections to see if the instructions to the municipalities have been fulfilled at each “site” of the polluted areas previously indicated.

At the beginning of her term in office, the Minister of Environment and Water Rositsa Karamfilova stated that solving the problems with waste pollution is one of her priorities.

The MOEW calls on citizens to behave with responsibility towards the environment by disposing of their waste only at the permitted sites. And if they come across polluted areas to report their location to the relevant municipality or RIEW.