The MOEW to strengthen the monitoring of marine coastal waters

08 Jun, 2023 | 16:47


The MOEW is strengthening the monitoring of marine coastal waters in relation to the breach of the wall of the Nova Kakhovka dam, located on the Dneper River in Ukraine. An order to this effect was issued by the Minister of Environment and Water Yuliyan Popov to the Basin Directorate “Black Sea Region” - Varna and the Executive Environmental Agency (EEA). Additional indicators are included in the monitoring currently carried out to monitor the potential impact of the waters of the Dneper River on the Black Sea.

Since June 2022, in connection with the military actions on the territory of Ukraine, the Basin Directorate “Black Sea Region” and the EEA have conducted monitoring at three sites in coastal marine waters - Durankulak, Shabla, and Kaliakra. The location of the sites is in accordance with maritime accessibility conditions, the direction of the prevailing currents, and the bathymetric data available for the area. The potential risk of pollution of the marine environment from the military activities is monitored. The presence of petroleum products, metals, the radionuclides caesium-137 and tritium will be monitored. So far, no exceedances have been registered for any of the indicators tested.

Yesterday, the MOEW requested official information and data on the state of environmental components on the territory of Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine.

This will ensure full monitoring of the environmental damage following the dam collapse, so that Bulgaria can react promptly to any possible pollution-related situation on its territory.