Two university students won the contest “Green support for a sustainable future” 2022

16 Dec, 2022 | 13:35


Alexander Manov and Alexander Pregev are the winners of the second edition of the contest for students with high academic achievements “Green support for a sustainable future” 2022. Each of them will receive annual financial support of BGN 2,970.

The jury selected the two students after they demonstrated a high level of language skills, in-depth knowledge and original ideas in the field of sustainable mobility both in their essays and during the interview with the selection committee for this year’s contest.

Alexander Pregyev is a student in the 4th year at the University of Architecture, Construction and Geodesy, majoring in “Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning”. Alexander Manov is in the 5th year at the Forestry University, majoring in “Landscape Architecture”. Both students have excellent academic achievements and are motivated to have a career in their field of study.

In addition to the theoretical knowledge demonstrated, they also presented good initiatives for solutions to a number of problems related to sustainable mobility, such as using public transport, designing more pedestrian areas, including more unconventional sites, such as around riverbeds.

The contest “Green support for a sustainable future” is held for a second consecutive year under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment and Water within the framework of the European Commission European Mobility Week. Its purpose is to identify and support high-achieving students who study in majors related to environment.

The organizer of the contest is the Environmental Executive Agency. The award constitutes an annual financial support in the amount of 2,970 BGN provided by the Enterprise for the Management of Environmental Protection Activities.

In the first stage of the contest, candidates submit an essay, this year on the topic “Better Connections”, which is also the theme of the European Mobility Week 2022. The second stage includes an interview with a jury for the authors of the selected essays.