We mark World Water Day on 22nd March

22 Mar, 2023 | 08:09


Every year thousands of people mark World Water Day on March 22nd.

The day has been celebrated annually by the United Nations since 1993 with a focus on the importance of water for life on the planet and the need to protect it. The initiative is coordinated by the United Nations Mechanism on Access to Water and draws attention to actions to address the water crisis worldwide. A key focus of World Water Day is to help achieve UN Sustainable Development Goal 6: Clean Drinking Water and Sanitation for All by 2030.

World Water Day this year is on the theme of accelerating progress to solve the drinking water and sanitation crisis. Referring to an ancient story from the Quechua people of Peru about a hummingbird that brings drops of water to extinguish a large forest fire, the campaign encourages people to do whatever they can to help solve the water crisis and improve sanitation.

Full information can be found on the official Water Day website: https://www.worldwaterday.org/ The UN World Water Development Report: www.unwater.org/publications/un-world-water-development-report

The regional divisions of the MOEW throughout the country carry out various initiatives in partnership with educational institutions and nongovernmental organizations in individual regions.

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