In accordance with the requirements of the REACH Regulation, hazardous substances (of very high concern) from the Candidate list will be subject to an authorisation regime at EU level. Legal entities wishing to obtain an authorisation for certain uses of their substance(s) will have to apply for an authorisation at the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

Eight steps for applying for authorisation: ECHA published new webpages to help companies understand the steps they need to follow to apply for authorisation. The webpages present eight steps - from identifying the need to apply for a permit to complying with their obligations once a permit has been granted. There are also useful links and additional materials to each step.

Guidance on the preparation of an application for authorisation

IMPORTANT: Companies applying for authorisation must now fill in a summary table with the risk management measures and operating conditions specified in the exposure scenarios. It is a mandatory part of the application for authorisation. This will facilitate the enforcement and provide authorisation holders and downstream users with a simple and easy to translate format. More information about the summary table can be found here.

Adopted opinions and previous consultations on applications for authorisation

IMPORTANT: Notifications under Article 66 of REACH: Following the authorisation of a substance listed in Annex XIV, downstream users who use that substance must notify ECHA within 3 months of the first delivery.

There is an electronic form for submitting notifications under Article 66 of REACH on the ECHA website.