Implementation Program of the Energy Sector Development Strategy of the Republic of Serbia by 2025 with projections until 2030

Pursuant to Art. 35, p.1, “b” of the Regulation on the conditions and procedures for environmental assessment of plans and programmes and according to the Protocol on Strategic Environmental Assessment to the Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context, the Ministry of Environment and Water

A N N O U N C E S /07.08.2017/

In connection with the current SEA procedure for Energy sector Development Strategy of Serbia for the period by 2025 with projections by 2030 the Ministry of Environment Protection of Republic of Serbia has submited to MoEW of Bulgaria (by letter  № 350-02-05/2017-02 от 24.07.2017 )notification for the elaboration of the Program,  a draft of the Program (Part 1 and Part 2) and a SEA Report of the Strategy for Development of the Energy Sector of the Republic of Serbia until 2025 with projections up to 2030 in English.

Letter from MOEW that there is no need for the participation of Bulgaria in the SEA procedure.