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NEW Companies can now start to test ECHA’s SCIP database of products containing Candidate List substances of very high concern. The final database will be launched later this year. Companies will need to submit information to it from January 2021 onwards.

The prototype allows companies to get familiar with the database and test how to submit their SCIP notifications. Users can submit test data and provide feedback to ECHA to help us further improve the final version, which will be launched later in 2020. All submitted test data will be deleted before the launch.

As of 5 January 2021, companies placing articles on the EU market will need to submit SCIP notifications to ECHA if the articles they place on the EU market contain substances of very high concern (SVHCs) in concentrations above 0.1 % weight by weight. Companies will be able to submit data already in late 2020 when the final database is launched. The aim is to promote the substitution of hazardous chemicals and transition towards a safer circular economy.

Companies will need to submit:

  • information to identify the article;
  • the name, concentration range and location of the SVHC in the article; and
  • other information on its safe use.

More information

SCIP Prototype

SCIP Database webpage

27 January 2020 - An updated version of the ECHA Submission portal has been released, which includes a number of improvements to the tool for online dossier preparation. The most notable of these is a simplified way to indicate classification information. Additionally, there is a ‘calculate’ feature which automatically pre-populates the labelling section based on the information provided in the classification section.

Other areas of continued improvement include improving the naming of IUCLID documents, allowing users to easily recognise what information has been entered, plus dynamic improvements to the required fields based on information that has earlier been provided. A new feature making it easier to manage information for updating notifications has also been included.

The recent changes on reporting certain information requirements due to changes in Annex VIII to the CLP Regulation, for example on pH, are not included in this release, though it now includes the possibility to create and manage articles that will be used to prepare SCIP notification dossiers in the future.

The next version of the Submission portal will be released later in April 2020.


Data extraction and search tools for IUCLID

 Chesar 3.5 available for download

An update of ECHA's chemical safety assessment and reporting tool, Chesar, has been published.

Chesar 3.5 includes various improvements and new features, including:

• Compatibility with IUCLID 6.4 (released on 30 October)
• The possibility to create of a substance directly in Chesar
• Calculation of MSafe for environment


 30/10/2019 - IUCLID 6.4 is available
A new version of IUCLID is available to all users. It includes an extended and more complete web interface, as well as an update to the format.


 QSAR Toolbox - a software application intended to be used by governments, chemical industry and other stakeholders in filling gaps in (eco)toxicity data needed for assessing the hazards of chemicals. Websait

EUSES - European Union System for the Evaluation of Substances - The EUSES software helps you carry out assessments of the risks posed by chemicals.