Strengthening of the administrative capacity with the aim to ensure the efficient and enforcement of the EU waste management acquis communautaire

The wider objective of Twinning Project BG/2007/IB/EN/02 is to achieve compliance of the waste management activities of the Ministry of Environment and Water (MoEW), the Regional Inspectorates of Environment and Water (RIEWs), the Customs Agency and the Police with the requirements of the national and EU waste management legislation. Sufficient capacity for performing waste management implementation and enforcement activities shall be created by providing technical assistance and through transfer of best enforcement practices from the EU Member States to the national inspection bodies.

The project aims at improving the existing administrative capacity through:

  • preparation of changes to the existing Bulgarian waste management legislation in the field of waste shipment and inspections
  • strengthening of the co-ordination among the different waste management enforcement bodies
  • establishment of methodology for waste inspections, accompanied by checklists for inspections,
  • establishment of a program for regular waste management inspection
  • training of relevant personnel concerned and external stakeholders in waste management sector informed
  • standardized assessment of the results of inspections (statistics) and further steps especially in case of infringements.

Since the start of the twinning project in February 2009 following results have been achieved:

  • update of Manual on classification of waste (Part I and II)
  • preparation of Manual on waste control, including check-lists, guidelines and statistics forms concerning different waste streams/facilities
  • elaboration of Annual plan for waste inspection
  • update of parts of the homepage of Waste Directorate (MOEW) (see)
  • training of the control bodies – RIEWs, Customs Agency, Ministry of Transport and Police – within workshops and training seminars
  • practical checks at borders concerning waste shipments with participation of neighboring countries
  • practical checks at companies concerning waste treatment


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Correspondents’ Guidelines concerning Regulation (EC) No 1013/2006


A project implemented by Umweltbundesamt GmbH and the Bulgarian Ministry for Environment and Water. This Project is funded by the European Union.